Sunday, February 21, 2010

Evolution of my love affair with Horror

There are two things I would consider obsessions of mine, and one of them is horror films. I have always loved the horror genre but it has grown considerably in the last three years. I used to only appreciate the classic black and white films such as The Haunting, Psycho, The House on Haunted Hill and House of Wax. The work of Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price was really all I needed. I stuck my nose up to gratuitous gore and nudity. Why was it necessary? Alfred Hitchcock could direct any scene and make it creepy and suspenseful with just a little chocolate syrup for blood. I honestly think I was just afraid of the violent images at the time. The dead body Jessica Tandy's character discovers in Hitchcock's film, The Birds, really got to me when I was young. I had a difficult time sleeping. At the time I felt that that type of reaction was bad. Nowadays, I become slightly disappointed if I get a good nights sleep after a horror film.

As I got older, suspense-filled serial killers films started to fascinate me. And I don't mean John Carpenter's Michael Myers. I'm talking about serial killers that could have been out neighbors. Most people would not lump crime films with horror films. I personally don't understand that. What's more horrifying than something that could actually happen? I did not see the 1995 film, Se7en, until 2002. I was in the 8th grade at the time and it instantly became my favorite film. And that has not changed. Even though I can quote this film from start to finish and play it scene for scene in my mind, it never gets old. I always feels like the first time.
I always make it a point to see serial killer films, whether they are based on real monsters or just created for the big screen.

My tastes in the horror genre started to expand and I became really excited when James Wan's film, Saw, was released. I think that Saw is one of the best horror films to come out in the last 10 years. Up until that point, all we were seeing were remakes of classics and films with unoriginal story lines.
Saw, in my opinion, was breath of fresh air. It was original, painful and it was a mind-fuck. Personally, I'm getting sick of the franchise though. I thought the first film was pe
rfect in every way and they should have stopped. But I know that is not realistic. The studios saw an opportunity to make more money and they ran with it. I guess I can't blame them.
Anyway, Saw made me realize that gore isn't such a bad thing after all.

A few years back, I started dating a guy that convinced me to love horror even further. But not just well-done films. He convinced me that a horror film doesn't have to be good or even scary. It can just be a lot of fun. He introduced me to Eli Roth's Cabin Fever. I never realized that skin disease and stupid coeds could be so much fun to watch. I was also introduced to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films. I'm excluding the first Evil Dead from the current discussion because that movie scared the shit out of me. But Army of Darkness is completely ridiculous but a blast nonetheless. I'm not even going to get into the New Zealand film, Black Sheep.

I also developed a love for zombie films. Watching George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead was a great experience for me. I know that sounds odd but thats just how it was. I guess it took me back to my love of the black and white classics. I have seen all of Romero's zombie films and Night is still my favorite out of them all. But my favorite zombie film I've seen in is the Spanish horror film, REC. This movie continues to scare despite the fact that I have seen it numerous times. I have yet to see REC 2 though. I'll get back to you on that one.

Ultimately, I consider horror films an obsession because of the many genres within the genre. You can't pull that off with every movie genre type. I'm willing to give any horror film a fair chance. And I look forward to discussions on the horror genre and exploring my obsession further.

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  1. I am a Saw fanatic! I really love to watch SAW movies.